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Dual Head Laser Marking System

Since the year 2000 ProMATIC Automation has built a variety of Laser Marking equipment. Some laser markers are part of a larger system that etch a serial number and 2D Barcode on parts. Dedicated laser marking cells may use multiple marking heads to etch graphics on to stainless steel panels. The video below demonstrates the… Read more »

OEM or Systems Integrator for Factory Automation

OEM or Systems Integrator for Factory Automation Successful manufacturing companies recognize the benefits of automating critical processes.   Quality Control, Lower Costs and Employee Health & Safety are major motivating factors to automate.  Some manufactures keep automation projects in house because of trade secrets and highly technical processes with steep learning curves.  Unless there is a… Read more »

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots History Collaborative robots are new to the main stream robotic world.  Twenty years ago manufacturing robots were used to perform operations that humans could not do easily.   Spot welding the frames of vehicles on an assembly line or lifting bulky items that required multiple people to move.   As robots became more… Read more »

Daytona Testing Results

ProMATIC Automation Racing Sponsor Justin Fontaine is starting his second season in the No. 33 ProMATIC Automation Toyota Camry.  In January 2017 he posted the 13th fastest lap out of 63 drivers at Daytona International Speedway.  We are excited about the upcoming season and are pulling hard for Justin and the crew through this year. Click… Read more »

SISTEMA in Automation Safety

Considerations in Machine Safety Choosing the right automation company with experience in designing safety into your equipment can have big paybacks.  Safety standards change as the demand for factory automation continues to grow.  As a machine builder, ProMATIC Automation understands the importance of designing safety into the equipment we supply. When considering a process to… Read more »