Assembly Lines


 assembly_line1Parts Handling:

  • multi-station, palletized power-and-free conveyor systems
  • walking beam configurations
  • Pick and Place devices with vacuum and gripper tooling
  • RFID and Bar Code Scanning (hand-held and stationary)


Assembly Line 2

Station Configurations:

  • Robotics loading/unloading/ assembly/dispensing
  • Servo-press
  • DC Torque Application
  • Automatic Parts Feeding (vibratory)
  • Vision Inspection
  • Pick-to-light Operator Assembly
  • Laser/LVDT Measurement
  • Dispensing Systems (Adhesives, Lubricants, etc…)
  • Leak Testing (mass-flow and pressure-drop)
  • Electrical Testing

PC and PLC Control with multiple HMI (Human Machine Interface) locations provide Data Tracking capability and detailed operator instructions and fault messages for troubleshooting the assembly process.

Multiple Controls platforms are available (Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE, AutomationDirect, Omron, etc…) as well as HMI brands.

Designs are done with ergonomic and safety considerations for each operation.


Watch this video to see an overview of the types of projects ProMatic has automated. Project videos also available – Click Here to view them.