Assembly Lines


 assembly_line1Parts Handling:

  • Synchronous and non-synchronous lines
  • Multi-station, palletized power-and-free conveyor systems
  • Walking beam configurations
  • Pick and Place devices with vacuum and gripper tooling
  • RFID and Bar Code Scanning (hand-held and stationary)


Station Configurations:

  • Robotics (loading/unloading/ assembly/dispensing)
  • Servo-press
  • DC Torque Application
  • Automatic Parts Feeding (vibratory)
  • Vision Inspection
  • Pick-to-light Operator Assembly
  • Laser/LVDT Measurement
  • Dispensing Systems (Adhesives, Lubricants, etc…)
  • Leak Testing (mass-flow and pressure-drop)
  • Electrical Testing



Control Configurations

  • PC and PLC Control with multiple HMI (Human Machine Interface) locations provide Data Tracking capability and detailed operator instructions and fault messages for troubleshooting the assembly process.
  • Multiple Controls platforms are available (Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE, AutomationDirect, Omron, etc…) as well as HMI brands.
  • Designs are done with ergonomic and safety considerations for each operation.

Watch this video to see an overview of the types of projects ProMatic has automated. Project videos also available – Click Here to view them.