ProMATIC has developed the ProSORT machine platform to perform the task of sorting bulk items into individual groupings.  The system can be configured to handle a single bulk item or multiple bulk items and can sort them into individual outfeed conveyor flights or multiple product kits per conveyor flight.  The system can sort items based on shape, color, size, dimension or count.  The ProSORT platform includes (8) configurable systems:

  • Bulk product loading system
  • Product dissemination devices
  • Vision inspection enclosure
  • Robotic sorting system
  • Flighted conveyor outfeed system
  • Bulk item recirculation system
  • Operator safety system
  • Electronic control system

ProSORT Advantages:

  • High speed (180 picks / min or more)
  • Configurable, robust vision
  • Fully automatic
  • High unattended time
  • Flexible outfeed configurations

ProSORT Common Applications:

  • Utensil packaging
  • Accessory component packaging
  • Defect sorting
  • Color sorting
  • Repair kit assembly packaging