Warehouse Automation

ProMATIC Automation has developed a line of equipment to handle large collapsible bulk containers.   This equipment is designed to perform separate functions like stack bins, open bin panels, level the contents of a full bin, install a lid, collapse an empty bin, blow out debris or line bins with a bag.  Machines can be configured around either existing conveyors or designed in conjunction with a conveyor manufacturer for a new material handling system.

Traffic control is managed with a series of laser sensors and pneumatically actuated conveyor stops.  The Stops are compatible with many roller conveyors.

All machine operations take place in a safety fence.  Light curtains allow bins to enter and exit the safety fence.

Watch video of the Bin Handling Equipment on our Media Page.

Collapsed Bin Stacker & Destacker

  • Flexible Design for Multiple Bin Types
  • Robust Construction
  • Works with Existing Conveyors
Collapsed Bin Erector

  • Configurable EOAT for Multiple Bin Types
  • Wall Latch Verification
Bin Inverter

  • For Leftover Product & Debris Removal
  • Fully Electric Mechanism
  • Optional Deionizer Blowout
  • Design Variations for Multiple Bin Types
Bag Inserter

  • Automatic (Socking & Cinching) to Secure Bag
  • Bag Spreading
Pile Leveler & ALIS(Automatic Lid Installation System)

  • Configurable for Multiple Bin & Lid Types
  • Automatic EOAT Changer
  • Can Also Be Used as a Lid Remover
Empty Bin Collapser
  • Configurable for Multiple Bin Types
  • Variable Wall Collapsing Order Possible