Custom Configurations

Each Machine designed at ProMATIC is treated as a custom machine with attention to the specific application at hand. The machine configuration may not necessarily fall within one of the Core Competencies of ProMATIC. We use common engineering design principles to produce the best automation solution possible for the application. Previous design standards are not forced to be modified or conform to meet new applications unless the end result considering functionality, cost, and delivery are optimized with this approach.

We pride ourselves on being able to do anything! There is no limit to the customization of equipment using leading automation technologies and developing new ones to meet the customer’s needs.

Laser Marking Machine, Promatic Automation, Asheville NC

Laser Marking Machine

e, Asheville, NC, ProMATIC Automation

Automatic Hot Punch Machine

Automatic Bushing Assembly Machine, ProMATIC Automation, Asheville, NC

Automatic Bushing Assembly Machine

Automatic Cut-off Machine, ProMATIC Automation, Asheville, NC

Automatic Cut-off Machine