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COVID-19 Response

In an effort to assist with the urgent need for PPE for front line healthcare workers, ProMATIC is working diligently with several manufacturers to design and build automation equipment to increase production capacity of many types of healthcare-related PPE.  Our extensive experience in the design and build of production equipment for the medical industry will allow us to help meet the urgent demand for PPE.  We are prepared to immediately dedicate resources to assisting with process improvements and /or new automation equipment.

ProMATIC Automation has also developed a product we refer to as “Corona Barriers” to support the CDC recommendation for social distancing in the workplace.  In situations where workers must perform tasks in close proximity to other people, this barrier will serve to minimize the transmission of the virus via airborne droplets.

The barriers are constructed with welded 1” steel tubing and angle iron.  The panel is clear polycarbonate, bolted to the welded steel frame.  The majority of the frame is painted black with the feet painted safety yellow.  The typical sizes are 2ft and 3ft wide x 6ft tall.  Custom sizes and materials are available.  Contact us for customization requests and further details.


Corona Barriers

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ProMATIC Automation, Inc. specializes in the design and build of custom factory automation equipment to meet specific customer needs utilizing state-of-the-art automation technologies.

ProMATIC Automation has nearly 20 years of experience as a supplier of custom industrial automation services and equipment.  Our highly skilled employees have the knowledge and experience to design and build everything from manufacturing lean cells to complex fully automated assembly equipment to our customers exact specifications.

Watch this video to see an overview of the types of projects ProMATIC has automated.



ProMATIC has extensive experience in Automotive applications involving assembly, material handling, and testing processes meeting the stringent quality requirements while maintaining aggressive program launch schedules.


With attention to clean-room requirements and FDA regulations, ProMATIC can deliver high-tech automation solutions for the medical industry and assist customers in the equipment validation process and documentation.

General Industrial

ProMATIC has developed automation solutions for a wide variety of general industrial clients including customers in the Electrical Equipment, Heavy Construction, Plastics Molding, Industrial/Mobile Hydraulics, Printing and Packaging Industries.


The Aerospace industry is demanding and exciting, requiring incredible attention to detail, creative development of new processes and the use of exotic materials. ProMATIC Engineers thrive in this exciting industry!


ProMATIC Automation has developed a full line of large bin handling equipment. The equipment in this line is used to automatically setup and prep bins for manufacturing and then collapse them for storage. ProMATIC also has designed a tote sorting system ideal for an automated shipping warehouse .