Dual Head Laser Marking System

Laser marking of components in the manufacturing process has become critical to success in applications where traceability and/or process verification is required.  Laser marking is also a primary building block for applications in environments incorporating IIOT systems and devices.

ProMATIC Automation has built a wide variety of Laser Marking equipment since our inception in 2000.  Some laser markers are part of a larger system that etch a serial number and 2D Barcode on parts. Dedicated laser marking cells may use multiple marking heads to etch graphics onto stainless steel panels. ProMATIC has experience with several brands of laser markers; our machines utilize equipment that is most suitable for the application and best supported in the facility.

The video below demonstrates the use of a dual head laser marking system to etch our company logo onto a piece of 304 Brushed SS. The process takes approximately 4 minutes but the video has been cut to show the major steps.